The Veritas Awards is the longest-running and most prestigious wine and brandy competition in South Africa and is synonymous with excellence in wine and brandy.

The Veritas Awards started in 1991 and gives recognition to wines and brandies of exceptional quality and the distinctive Veritas symbol of excellence serves as an authoritative quality guideline for wine and brandy connoisseurs. Gold and Double Gold awards are of significant value to the wine industry as well, as it offers a prestigious image for the wine, winery and winemaker, brandy and brandy masters and contributes to growth in sales.

Seven Oaks wines that were awarded medals in the 2018 competition are:

~ Seven Oaks Chenin Blanc 2018  – Gold

~ Seven Oaks Pinotage Rose Sahara 2018 – Silver

~ 6+1 Mavis Thelma Reserve 2013 – Silver

~ Padre Rednose Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2017 – Silver

~ Seven Oaks Pinotage Rose Oasis 2018 – Bronze

~ 6+1 Pinotage 2017 – Bronze.

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